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We Saw the Wiggles!


Science was pretty fun today!  We had our 7th lesson from the Dr. Bob Sound School.  First, we discussed how we learned in our previous lesson that electricity can make sounds louder.  Students got into groups of 3 and explored a program called Visual Analyzer.  Each group had a metallophone to use, and wow, was it loud in our room!  Each of the laptops have a microphone that allowed the students to play the metallophone or speak and being able to see those invisible wiggles.  We learned how wiggles look different based on their sounds with volume and pitch.  A high pitch sound had wiggles that were really close together, and sounds that had a low pitch had wiggles that were really spread apart.  We also learned that based on how loud or soft a sound was determined how high up their wiggle would be.  As always, it was great listening in on their conversations.  Ask your child what they learned today about wiggles (sound waves :))

We have started unit 7 in our Math Investigations, and let me just tell you, your kids are SO smart!  Today’s lesson focused on learning about fractions and were introduced to 1/2.  Students learned about equal parts and how to divide various items in half.  Because we got finished early, I took out some fraction puzzles to play with- check out the very creative monster they made with the tiles!

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“We Saw the Wiggles!”


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