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Wiggles in the Wire


With a day like today, I can’t believe I didn’t take ANY pictures!

We had a few folks from the Bob Moog Foundation and the news channel, WLOS, come visit our class today to film the kiddos learning about sound through electricity and wiggles going through wires.  It is our 6th lesson in the Dr. Bob Sound School.  There were 5 stations and students explored the order of the chain of sound with various images.  For example, one set of cards showed an invisible wiggle (a sound wave), a man screaming, and the diagram of an ear.  They had to put the cards in order of where the sound began to where it was received.  They recorded all of their findings in their science journals and had excellent conversations!!  It was neat hearing the connections they made from the previous lessons and moving them into discoveries at this lesson.  The kids also had the opportunity to play a theremin!!!  They kept saying it sounded like a weird robot, but they loved it!  They had headphones on so we couldn’t hear the sounds they were making, but their faces said it all!

Please check out the local news on Monday at 6 and then again at 6:30 on My 40.  I will send home a reminder of of course, post the link of the video on here!

At 1:30, we got to listen to an amazing story teller!!!  His name is David Novak, and wow, this guy was hilarious!  He told various stories that rhymed and the kids were cracking up laughing the whole time.  Please ask your child about the Fee Fi Fo Fum voice… still makes me laugh!!!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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“Wiggles in the Wire”


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