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Where Did the Wiggles Go?


Yes, oh yes, we made some fun little plastic cup telephones today for our 5th activity from the Dr. Bob Sound School.  We watched a short video of a bell in a bell jar and learned how sound wiggles travel… check it out below!

Ask your scientist child why the bell’s sound started to lightly disappear!  It was quite interesting how the vacuum sucks all the air out and creates an atmosphere just like in space where there is no sound.  BUT, can sound travel through other mediums as well?  We investigated this and spoke to each other through plastic cup telephones.  We didn’t have enough room and were lucky that Coach AP didn’t have a class at the time so we could really spread out in the gym.

Look at how much fun they had!  Talk to your child about what they have learned about the science of sound through the Dr. Bob Sound School~ you will be amazed!

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day!  Yay!  This day is so much fun with kids.  They have such a blast passing out their sweet cards and getting to read them.  I remember as a child, I loved this holiday because of the cards and the candy- I know, ridiculous.  I’m looking forward to a fun celebration tomorrow!

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“Where Did the Wiggles Go?”


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