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Invisible Wiggles


We had our 4th lesson with with Dr. Bob Sound School today- this was a loud one!  We reviewed why humans and animals create sounds, and today we learned HOW those sounds are made.  Students had fun making different sounds with their voices and were able to feel the vibrations on their neck with their partners.  They noticed how we can barely feel any vibrations when we whisper, and we can feel harder vibrations when we sing or yell out loud!  We looked at a diagram of our vocal cords, and the kids thought it was cool how we have 2 pipes!

Then we got to look and listen to the amazing ocean drum (this thing is so cool).  We propped the ocean drum up, then hit a djembe drum near it and made some observations of what we saw.  Students were in amazement how the wiggles (invisible sound waves) hit the ocean drum and made the tiny balls move around in it!

Next came the kazoos… wow- fun!  We got to play a little ‘guess that tune’ and we made the connection with how the kazoo is like our eardrum.  Ask your child what they learned with this!  (Hint: the little paper thingy in the kazoo!)  Look at Michaiah and those eyes!  She’s so silly!

I had a meeting for the first half of the day and was very excited to see Stella.  I hadn’t seen her since Friday!  I decided to take her out when the kids left today to spend some time with her and I gave her a little slice of apple.  She ate it right out of my hand!  This is progress!!!  Guinea pigs need lots of vitamin C so if you can donate an apple, carrots, kale or spinach, please know that I would be super appreciative!!!  Also, if you have any newspapers, I can take those off your hands too!!

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“Invisible Wiggles”


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