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Tuning Fork Fun


What a great science lesson we had today!  We learned about the “wiggle” and how sounds create vibrations.  Students learned what is needed for a sound to be made and and were quick to identify FORCE!  The best part of the lesson was giving them all the tuning forks to play with.  It is always so interesting listening to what they say when they think you aren’t listening to their inside conversations with their friends.  Gio discovered it made a sound when he hit the tuning fork onto the side of the desk and then held it up to his hear.  Rontae and Neishun discovered the weird feelings of the tuning fork vibrating when they touched their cheek with it!  Once they wrote their observations, each table was given a container of water with a drop of food coloring in it.  They got to actually see the ‘wiggles’ when they put the tuning fork in their water. Here are some pictures from the lesson today.


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“Tuning Fork Fun”


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