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Dr. Bob Sound School Kickoff!


The 2nd grade students had the Dr. Bob Sound School kickoff party today!  It was so much fun, and the kids had such a blast.  August Worley and Ben Hovey came to the school to talk to the kids about Bob Moog, being inventors and made some really cool sounds! There was this image in the background that changed as sounds were made.  As soon as they all realized that, it went into full on scream session!  It was cool though because it showed how interested they were in sound!  One of the great moments was when Rontae got to go up and say his name into the mic.  Ben recorded it and then changed his voice to sound like a chipmunk and then a monster.  It was quite hilarious and was loved by all.  They were in awe!  Check out the little video of I took at the end of their performance.  I wish you could hear it a little better!


Remember:  Tomorrow is the day we take our trip to AB Tech to go get our dental sealants.  If your child is going on this trip, please make sure they are at school on time :)

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“Dr. Bob Sound School Kickoff!”


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