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Friday= Moog, Lanterns, Buddies


What an eventful Friday!  We started off with having our awesome reading buddies from Mrs. McCarthy’s first grade class .  Everyone did such a great job reading with their buddies… so many PAWS were given out!  This group of girls did so well taking turns reading to each other and listening at all times. :)

Chinese New Year will begin on Monday so we had a little bit of time to add some sparkle to our lanterns.  They are coming out so cool.  I can’t wait for you all to see them on Monday.  I have a little surprise for them on Monday as well… it’s going to be yummy!

Today was our first sound unit lesson, and it was so interesting!  We are part of a pilot group with the Bob Moog Foundation teaching our unit on sound through lesson that they have created for us.  We learned so many things about Bob Moog and his inventions.  We even got to look at some drawings he did in his science journal.  Students were able to see how scientists record their sketches and notes and the importance of keeping those.  Ask your child what they learned today (saying the word ‘synthesizer’ was a mouthful, but we got it!).  The kids were so ecstatic to hear that they are going to continue to learn about sound and Bob Moog.  Here are a couple of journals from today’s lesson.


Here is a little video that explains our Dr. Bob Sound School a little more!

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“Friday= Moog, Lanterns, Buddies”


  1. Dr. Bob’s SoundSchool in action! | The Bob Moog Foundation

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