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Jabali Acrobats


We had such a wonderful field trip today, and I think the kids really enjoyed the performance at the Orange Peel.  I am very proud of them for their behavior while at the Orange Peel… they represented Hall Fletcher very well.  They were a great audience, cheered, clapped, screamed and hollered all at the right times.  The acrobat crew came from Mombasa, Kenya and had performed at the LEAF festival this past weekend.  Ask you child about the stunts they did on stage!  There were some high chair crawling and human pyramids going on!

After the performance, we went to Carrier Park to eat lunch and run around a bit.  It was such a beautiful day and could not have asked for more perfect weather!

I hope you all have a wonderful evening. :)

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Drum Circle


We had such an amazing day today!!!  It was seriously the most fun I have ever had at school.  Ms. Melody, our music teacher, had a drummer come in and teach the 2nd grade students how to drum for about an hour.  They did so well and loved every second.  I wish I could have gotten some pictures, but we were all too busy drumming.  Mrs. Wilson snapped this one of Ms. Rabuck, Mrs. McCarthy and I while we were jamming out. :)


Remember how I posted about how the kids did so awesome on the field trip?!  Well, I promised them that I would bring them a little treat for their amazing behavior.  They were all pretty happy about having some ice cream sandwiches at recess.


This was our last day before our big 3 week break!!!  If your child is attending the BLT week half days, I will see them all on Monday morning bright and early.  We’re going to have a lot of fun creating nonfiction books and doing really cool science experiments.  It’s gonna be fun!  I am also looking forward to heading down to New Orleans for a week to visit my family after that.  Have a fabulous break, and I hope your kids have a fun, well deserved time off!!!

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Butterflies to Mexico



The kids made their butterflies today and will be sent off to Mexico on Friday!  We wrote our names, school and location on the back and then decorated the fronts.  In the spring, once the monarchs migrate back out of Mexico to head north, they send them to places all over the United States and Canada.  Then, we can go on this website to track where all of their butterflies end up.  Last year, some of ours were in California, Delaware, South Carolina, Nebraska, all over!!  It’s such a cool project!!!

We had an assessment on rectangles today, and the kids did so well!!!  Not only did they have to recognize a shape being either a rectangle or not, but they also had to explain why.  When I went over them, I was so excited to see how many gave great explanations.

We almost finished reading our 2nd Lulu book!!!!  Ask your child how the story is ending with her and Fleishman!!!

Remember, we have garden tomorrow so please be sure to wear appropriate clothing. :)

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Nature Center Day


We had so much fun on the field trip today.  Here’s a big thank you to Mr. Graves, Mason’s dad, for coming on the field trip with us and helping with everything!

We started off with doing about an hour tour and checking out the cougars, wolves, bobcats, bears, deer, and petting some goats.  After that, we had some Life Cycle center time with an instructor from the Nature Center.  We got to look up close and see the different stages of a beetle, play a matching game of trying to figure out the stages of life of various animals (turtle, opossums, owl, wolves, frog), play a game, and then look and catch insects!  Ask your child what they learned about!!!  When we finished up, we ended our day with a picnic at the lower playground and then came back to school around 2:20.  It was a PACKED day!

No homework for the kids tonight except for their nightly reading. :)

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Field Trip Tomorrow


Yeah!!!  We get to go to the Nature Center tomorrow!  Please make sure your child wears appropriate clothing and shoes for the field trip.  We’re all pretty excited!

Also, ask your child about the story we read today… it had quite a little twist on the 3 little bears and Goldilocks!

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If you have some spare time and are looking to volunteer at the school, the school garden can always use a little help, and I know Ms. Rachel would be super appreciative!  It says 9/5 as the date, but these are things that can still be done.

We had a little craft today in making a mobile of a butterfly life cycle.  The kids loved it!  We didn’t get to finish but will do so next week.

In math, the kids got to play with geoboards which they loved.  Of course, I had to give the rules of using rubber bands so they knew my expectations… number one as being not to pull the rubber band towards anyone and fling them across the classroom, haha!  They did an excellent job with following that direction.  They created rectangles using one rubber band and then had to record their rectangle on paper using the dot paper they were given.  Once they finished, they had some time to play around and make various shapes.

20140912_131311_resized 20140912_131305_resized

I hope you all have a wonderful, relaxing weekend.  Remember, we have our field trip on Tuesday AND it’s our last week of school before break!!!!!

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Fluency and Making Rectangles


During reading workshop, we talked a lot about fluency and reading levels.  One of the kids had told me this morning that he was worried that he would never be able to catch up on his reading level to be on grade level.  So, I thought it would be a good idea for the kids to know exactly what it is they need to learn in order to move to the next level.  They all wanted to know!  I pulled the kids based on their reading levels and shared some info on what they can do to move to the next level.  I talked to them about it by making it sound like playing a video game- you can’t move or skip to the next level without mastering the level they are on, and I think they got it!  We are also working on marzano scales and chose to work on fluency for the quarter.  They have to rate themselves from a 1 to a 4 as a form of self assessment.  I will keep you posted on how they do with this.

In math, we are learning all about making arrays with using 1 inch tiles to create rectangles.  We have also been talking about columns and rows and how to know the difference.  If we were to describe the rectangle below, we would say “My rectangle has 2 rows and 3 columns.”  I try to get them to remember these by saying columns are what hold up a house and think about rows as a line of movie seats.  It can get confusing for them so we are continuing to practice this skill.


Have a fabulous evening!  One more day till Friday… remember to tell your child to bring in a show-n-tell for them to share!

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Chocolate Tiles


We had one of my favorite math lessons today!  Students were given various rectangles that they had to put in order on what THEY thought was biggest to smallest.  I love hearing their reasoning behind why they think one is the smallest all the way to the biggest.  Some say this long skinny one is the biggest because it is the tallest (yet this is the smallest one in reality).  They are given one inch tiles to cover the area to see which one has the largest area- or the most tiles covering.  Once they begin, they start to realize how it isn’t always the shape of something, it has to do with the square inch area!  I always like to tell the kids to think of them as chocolate bars… which one would they want?

Have a fabulous evening!  Please remember to turn in your child’s permission slip for the upcoming field trip to the Nature Center.  If any adult would like to attend, the cost is $8, and you can pay at the Nature Center on the day of the field trip.

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Sorting Shapes


In math today, we practiced sorting various shapes.  Some were triangles, some quadrilaterals and some were tricky polygons with many sides.  We sorted them into three groups: 3 sides, 4 sides and more than 4 sides.  A good way to practice with your child at home is to draw various shapes, cut them out, mix them up and have your child sort them.

Attached to your child’s homework this evening is a permission slip for our first field trip to the Nature Center.  We will be going  next Tuesday, September 16th.  Please make sure you sign and return the form and check all that applies on the form and to return it by Monday, September 15th.  We’re super psyched to go!!!!

Check your child’s folder for some photos!  I got some printed this weekend and wanted to send those home.  Remember, tomorrow is picture day.  If you lost your envelope, you may pick one up in the office.

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Recess Fun



Here’s a pic of the boys doing their train on the rolling slide.  I think I saw them go down this thing nonstop for about 15 minutes!

Did your child tell you about the BAG MONSTER?!  We had an assembly today to talk about composting in our cafeteria and how Danny’s Dumpsters take our leftovers and turns it all into rich soil.  Ask your child about what they learned.

Also, tomorrow is the deadline for turning in the BLT surveys.  Please give me a call if you have any questions!


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